Dear M1 Students, 

Welcome to the Design Thinking Seminar digital space. First of all, please check your group and find your teammates (folder "DOCUMENTS", then "Teams"), make sure you sit together from the start of the seminar.

You will find here all required support material and more. 

  • Student booklet, complementary support material and templates are available in the "DOCUMENTS" folder
  • VIDEOS from the experts are posted on the "MEDIABOX" space, video folder
  • Links to additional video material are provided in the "LINKS" space
  • DELIVERABLES are to be submitted via the ASSIGNMENT tool (click on ASSIGNMENT)

IMPORTANT: MAX size for deliverables is 50Mo (please check the size of your files before submission)

We all hope you enjoy this seminar and look forward to see what you will create during the next 3 days!

SKEMA Programme Grande Ecole