Technology Improvements and Evolution of the Society
The course objective is to develop a sensible understanding of what the technologies are allowing us or not. We are in the middle of a digital revolution and many aspects of our society are under pressure with new business models, new opportunities and new challenges. Between technophilia and technophobia we have to find a way to take advantage of new technologies without beeing alienated.
Course Format
groupeskema.jpg The course will consist of short videos each week that deal with the topics in the syllabus above. You will be asked to complete different readings and answer questions about them. There will also be questions that you answer by conducting research on the Web. There will be discussion questions for participants to answer each week, and occasional essays that will be reviewed by peers. Most, if not all, the homework assignments will be conducted online and creativity is welcomed. It is not just a course, I hope we will be able altogether to build an interesting moment, sharing ideas and developing analyses of our society and its endeavors throught technology improvement.

About the Instructor
Marc Augier is the chair of the Organization and Information systems department at SKEMA Business School. He is also a Professor in Management of Information Systems in SKEMA Business School since 2001 and has a Doctorate (2005) in Information and Communication Science. His research focuses on the relationship between science, technology and society, centered on the implication of the usage of IT technology in pedagogy. Therefore he is interested in Digital documents and libraries, Online Communities, hypertext as a knowledge representation tool and Free Software. Before joining SKEMA he worked in IT and consulting companies like IBM and Accenture. He has a solid background in computer science with a Masters degree from CESTI (1985). MarcAugier_petit.jpg