“The next World Cups might be consumed inside the metavers”

“The next World Cups might be consumed inside the metavers”

World Cup in Qatar is about Football, and Geopolitics. Every weekSimon Chadwick analyses the main aspects of the tournament. Today, the Professor of Sport and Geopolitical Economy at SKEMA Business School tells us about the various impacts of the tournament on the economy, the society and the future of this event. Let’s hear him.

What has been the economic impact of the tournament?

In what ways has the 2022 World Cup been a watershed moment?

What happens next, after this World Cup in Qatar?

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Simon ChadwickProfessor Simon Chadwick is a researcher, writer, academic, consultant and speaker with more than twenty-five years experience in the global sport industry. His work focuses on the geopolitical economy of sport.

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